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B1 Solutions are pleased to welcome Osborne Technologies to the growing world of SAP Business One 


Osborne Technologies is a specialist solution provider who designs and manufactures a market-leading visitor management system which is popular in most business and educational sectors that are distributed through a partner network.  

In addition to this, Osborne Technologies design and implement specialist sensory environments in the form of on-premise, mobile and semi-permanent structures (i.e rooms, cabins etc) which is particularly popular within the SEN education sector.  

Osborne Technologies also successfully source other unique technological products to bring to the UK market and distribute through a separate reseller model. 

Prior to the implementation of the SAP Business One, Tony explained that Osborne Technologies was working with several different systems to manage all areas of their business (i.e. quoting, accountswarehousing and service) and these systems didn’t interact with well each other. An effective sales ordering system was also needed to fulfil the transparency and efficiency of its business. 

Osborne Technologies decision to implement SAP Business One was easily made by having full visibility, control and understanding of their business within one system, whilst allowing the integration of other external systems. SAP Business One is allowing Osborne Technologies to efficiently meet their consumer (customisable) demands. 

B1 Solutions was the chosen SAP Business One Partner to work with Osborne Technologies. Whilst being a local company within a neighbouring town helped, the time and effort that the B1 Solutions team provided throughout the project was exceptional.Their flexibility and easily configured package suited Osborne Technologies processes and resulted in fulfilling the needs of the organisation. 



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